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On the occasion of the celebration of the Kassel fire departments 100-year jubilee on May 11th in 1991, a small group of female career fire-fighters met for the first time at a platform discussion and had a little opportunity to share experiences. As of that point, a loose network of female fire-fighters met annually. Due to a number of organizational reasons, we decided to found the nonprofit association “Network of Female Fire-fighters” in 2006. Our common goal is to promote a platform where interested fire services members can share their experiences. This, of course, includes men.


Our goal is to promote a platform where interested members of the fire service can share their experiences. The network of female fire-fighters strives to especially achieve the following goals:

  • supporting communication between women who work in the fire service
  • supporting and organizing a national meeting for female fire-fighters
  • Supporting women in fire departments and fire service
  • providing resource information and supporting departments as they recruit and incorporate females in the fire service
  • Counseling and support for female fire-fighters, fire departments and women interested in fire-fighting and promoting and supporting the future generation of females in fire departments
  • Providing advice on basic and advanced training. Keeping female fire-fighters updated about current scientific and technical knowledge through contacts to specialty retailers, fire academies, departments and institutions
  • Working with and creating networks with other national or international associations which follow the same interests
  • Publicity work, keeping contacts to professional organizations and unions

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